The Management Academic Research Center was established in February 1995. The purpose of its establishment was to consolidate the research resources of the School of Management in order to heighten the School of Management’s scholastic status. Upon establishment, the highest decision making unit of the center became the management committee formed by instructor representatives of the School of Management. Current members include one chief and four assistant. The Management Academic Research Center is a support unit for the School of Management. Since its founding, it has actively supported various management academic activities in addition to devoting itself to the development and promotion of management education through the ideal of combining management theory and practice.

1. MBA credit class, EMBA master credit class
Since 1995, the center has continually offered MBA credit classes through consolidating the instructional resources of the various departments and institutes. In 1999, the center began EMBA credit classes which offered working professionals an excellent method of further education through these practical, diverse short term management education courses which run twice a year.

2. EMBA master program
In order to keep up with learning trends of the new century and the Ministry of Education’s recurrent education policy, the Management Academic Research Center began the Executive MBA Master Program in 1999. With selling points such as the best instructional staff, courses, and equipment, many business elite enrolled in the program, marking successful progress for the school’s long term goal of combining practical and instructional expertise. In response to the latest trends, in the 2003 academic year the Management Academic Research Center split the EMBA master program into two divisions: the general division and the cross-strait division. The difference is that the cross-strait division is mostly composed of Taiwanese businessmen who have worked in Mainland China for many years.